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4 Jan. 2018

Webdev trends / roundup 2018

The third official working day of this year is a great moment to look ahead and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in the IT industry for the coming year. So lets see what 2018 might have in store for us...

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22 Mar. 2017

Go, NodeJS & Python microservices in 2017

At Moddix we spend the last week researching what platform would be the best approach for a new high load microservice we will design in the upcoming months. We thought it would be interesting to share our process in determining the platform we would use...

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14 Nov. 2017

Six takeaways from Websummit

Last week my colleagues and I attended websummit in Lisbon. After comparing our notes and discussing key trends among ourselves I would like to share some of the insights, trends and takeaways. I will discuss six broad theme’s we discovered throughout the summit.

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10 Oct. 2017

7 tips for static web applications in 2018

Combined with the proliferation of single page websites, and serving content dynamically via API calls, static website development has made somewhat of a comeback. While initially this might feel as step backwards, significant advantages can be obtained if this new approach is used for the right job. Recent developments in web technology have increased the potential of the concept...

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29 Sept. 2017

Biggest project yet!

We are really excited to announce that last month we have completed and finalized our biggest project yet. In total our team has worked about a full year on it and it is by several measures the first project of it’s kind in the Netherlands. Sadly enough, we can not tell you…

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17 Aug. 2017

Using FaaS: implementing a web-to-print API!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about experimenting with API’s based on Function as a Service technology. After quite some experimenting and testing I am proud to tell you today that we have released our first active service based on FaaS. During…

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13 Apr. 2017

Bescherming persoons- gegevens bij IaaS

Tegenwoordig gebruiken veel organisaties SaaS of IaaS diensten. Wat in mijn beleving regelmatig wordt vergeten is dat hier vaak persoonsgegevens mee gemoeid zijn. Deze persoonsgegevens worden in Nederland door de wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (WBP) beschermd. Dat maakt dat er restricties verbonden zijn aan het gebruik van deze gegevens.

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4 Apr. 2017

Record data, the smart way. Here is how we did it.

In the last years we have been told time and time again that data is a key asset of organization. Data has even been called the oil of the digital economy. That makes it all the more compelling that some organizations fail to store the data they produce. While it might not be clear what the use of the data you record is, it is often smart to use a simple service to store it. This way you make sure that you have access to all data whenever the opportunity arise, so you can perform analytics on it.

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24 Mar. 2017

API’s beyond REST: gRPC

Last week I published a short comparison between different (web) programming languages that could be used for developing microservices. As our team experimented with the Go language we stumbled across the gRPC. Before we dig into gRPC lets get one thing out of the way. When I talk about REST, I basically mean serving JSON over HTTP1.1 based on endpoints that relate to specific HTTP verbs (i.e. GET/PUT/POST etc).

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