We love companies that think ahead

Current business is changing and developing faster than ever before. Rather than keeping up with the latest trends, you want to stay ahead of your competitors. At Moddix we believe innovation plays a key role in developing new business models and setting the pace. We don’t follow paradigms, we create them.

Our beliefs

If you want to grow, be adventurous

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. In order to grow as a person we believe it is essential to try something new once in a while. The same applies to our organization, if we want to grow we have to make room for innovation.

Commitment is the base for good work

If you want to achieve something commitment is an essential ingredient. We believe that people can come together to achieve great things when they work together and are committed to the same result.

The best way to communicate is straight forward

As with all team work based projects communication is essential in creating innovative IT projects. We strive to be as open and approachable to our clients and our colleagues as we can be.

The power of working together

Diverse teams are essential to creating innovative solutions. By being open minded and listening to everyone's input we make sure we get the best solutions our of our people. This is why we focus on effectively working together.

Smart solutions last longer

At Moddix we devote time and effort to assessing each challenge in order to come op with the best solution we can think of. We believe that having a good plan for a smart solution always pays off.

Work gets better when it’s fun

If you get together to work on challenging concepts every day, it gets a lot better if you have some fun while doing so.

The team

Meet our amazing people

Guy van Iperen


Pim Vogels


Helge van Scherpenzeel

Lead Developer

Jimme Hendrix

Front-end developer

Roy Peters

Back-end developer

Peter Duits

Front-end developer

Marnix le Noble

Back-end developer

Challenge us!

Let's see if we fit together

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