Personalizing reading to your child

During the last year Moddix has partnered up with an author and an artist to create the personalized reading experience that has come to be known as &Oskar.

What we did

The challenge

Creating a personalized story

When we started with the project that eventually became &Oskar, there were no dutch personalized children's books available. We wanted to create an unique, premium and longlasting gift for your child.

Our solution

Imagining a personalized children's story.

The first step in this project was a non technical one. In order to create a book you need a story. And so Oskar the elephant was born. Oskar helped the protagonist of this story to discover all the letters of its name. We partnered up with an entrepreneur and an artist to create over 200 individual and hand drawn watercolors. Each of these drawings corresponded with a letter and sometimes included the personalized protagonist.


As we worked on this project with more applications in mind we decided to separate the book builder from the standard webshop. With that in mind we build an web2print API based on FaaS technology. This ensures that no matter how many books are simultaneously created the services remains available while we retain control over the costs.


After we successfully launched a minimal viable product in early 2017 we noticed that the project was getting some traction. Consequently we decided to revamp the interface to give a professional look and feel. While at the same time making sure the book could be created by anyone on any device. The launch of the new interface is complete and it launched in early 2018.


Finally it is the product that counts. Our innovation did not stop at applying new technology but continued into finding a printing agency that was able to process our on-the-fly created books. While at the same time giving the product the premium feel we were looking for.

The result

An amazing experience

What is better than actually seeing the result for yourself, go ahead and create a book. For organizations we work with we have a special discount code. Contact us if you want to receive your book or go shopping directly at

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