Building the largest lottery in the Netherlands!

Over the last couple of years we worked on a number of projects for the Dutch Lottery Organization. Eventually we finished a project that turned out to be the largest lottery in the history of the Netherlands.

What we did

The challenge

How to keep a lottery attractive

Sadly enough we can not address details of the project we did. However there were quite a few challenges as this was the first cloud based lottery in the Netherlands. Furthermore this was amplified by the fact that we had to deal with a hard release.

Our solution

Detached webapplication

We decided to build a comprehensive webapplication so we could guarantee the speed, security and uptime during the campaign in the best way possible. However most complexity lied in the AWS architecture we created to distribute the load generated by the amount of traffic that was directed to the website. At the core of the project we made sure we did not have to integrate any existing applications. This enabled us to use cutting edge technology to stay in control of our platform.

Testing is essential

A project of this scale means testing. We implemented all sort of test: Unit Tests, PEN tests, Load tests, behavioural tests and code quality tests. Literally everything we could think of to ensure a smooth release.

Effective projectmanagement.

Second it means effective project management. Throughout the whole project, which all in all lasted for about a nine months we decided to strictly adhere to the principles of SCRUM. This meant that we continually focussed on adding as much business value to the project as possible.

Active monitoring.

Finally we implemented active monitoring to ensure we would spot potential bottlenecks long before any of the end users would encounter such a problem.

The result

A nationwide online lottery

The result of the lottery was overwhelming, more than three million citizens participated with a couple of tickets each. This resulted in the 11000 prizes having to be divided over around eight million participating tickets. Effectively making it the largest lottery in the Netherlands. The testing, the management and the technological skill ensured a 100 percent uptime throughout the project.

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