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Current business is changing and developing faster than ever before. Rather than keeping up with the latest trends, our customers want to stay ahead of your competitors. At Moddix we believe innovation plays a key role in developing new business models and setting the pace.

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4 Jan. 2018

Webdev trends / roundup 2018

The third official working day of this year is a great moment to look ahead and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in the IT industry for the coming year. So lets see what 2018 might have in store for us...

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17 Aug. 2017

Using FaaS: implementing a web-to-print API!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about experimenting with API’s based on Function as a Service technology. After quite some experimenting and testing I am proud to tell you today that we have released our first active service based on FaaS. During…

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